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Article Submission Guidelines

How to write and submit Articles

How to submit Articles ?

Articles will set you up as an expert within your field of expertise.

Articles by useNature's Experts are published in our ONline useNature Magazine, and featured on our HOME-Page, as well as on our FB page -, and in our fortnightly Newsletters. (14000 subscribers)

To submit original articles to useNature's Magazine works in "2" ways:

  1. Articles can be submitted by "paid Account Holders". All paid listing accounts have their own article submission function. In addition, the expert accounts have an unlimited article page quota. - To apply -click > Advertise with a directory listing

  2. "Guest Authors" can submit genuine, original, holistic, lifestyle articles by e-mail, "and if accepted", they will be added to our ONline useNature Magazine. The authors name, web-site or FB-page will be listed. - Waiting time applies. - Or simply apply for a listing account instead.

  3. NOTE: We only accept original articles, no duplicates. - Please contact me: Dieter L. - Editor


How to submit/create Articles* from your account dashboard - Tips & FAQ :

*(Includes: info articles - classifieds - event/seminar - products - reviews - horoscopes, etc, 500 words min.)

Account Holder info only:

  1. To submit an article* you have to have a valid - up-to-date "PAID" account. ( Free accounts need to up-grade - starting from - $25 )

  2. You need to be logged in, ... and see your account "Dashboard" - Please log in -
    Forgot your password? Click > Forgot, and a password will be send to you.

  3. Scroll down to >> Manage Articles and click the button called > Create new article

  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: Articles must be originals and written by yourself, and not published on different web-sites ..
    Goggle's > "No duplication" rule.

  5. Create Article Page: See image >
    Article Tool Bar
    Article Title:
    - type a "SHORT" version of your article title.
    NOTE: The article title will be the article's web-address ... chose a short descriptive title phrase, something people may search for ..
    Example: Don't use > "Why do you eat processed food, un-processed foods are better for you"
    Please use instead: " Fresh Food benefits"

  6. Article Description: Add your article text. You could add the the title again, this time in full.

  7. If you use copy and paste, to paste an article into the text field, you may have formatting problems, please select all text and click this Icon on the tool bar > (remove formatting ), after that use the toolbar for text formatting. ( Paragraph or Headings)

  8. Please don't use "marketing hype", visitors appreciate genuine information, which will result in more clicks to your web-site or in enquires than marketing hype.

  9. To add a picture, simply copy and paste a picture from your web-site.

  10. To edit an added picture, select the picture and right click Insert/Edit Image

  11. To add a link, type the link text, select it and click the link-tool Link Iconto fill in the web-address.

  12. Protect your email address from spambots. Do not put your email address in the text!

  13. If you are finished with the article, you need to click to agree to our terms and conditions.
    (see down below of this page for a copy)

  14. Select an appropriate category. ( For Classifieds like events, workshops, etc. select Classifieds

  15. Save Changes: ( changes refers to, save your article )

  16. Editing - go back to the article at any time from your dashboard - find your article title, click edit.
    Article editing is especially useful for an Event page. If the Event - seminar - class etc, is always the same, and only the date will change, please use the same event article and just edit - change the date.

  17. Any question or suggestions? Please contact me ...

ARTICLE SUBMISSION - Terms and Conditions

Thank you for submitting your articles to Our aim is to provide genuine informative content for our readers, while at the same time helping our authors gain exposure.

All contributions and articles, will be moderated, and will only be approved if within our Guidelines: 

Ideal articles are between 500 - 1500 words, and relevant to our holistic natural lifestyle topics.

Submissions may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Article looks like spam, marketing pitches for single products, articles with lots of links in the text.

  • Subject matter or format is not relevant.

  • Articles, stories, news, which contain anything not permitted for anyone under the age of 18. This includes, anything of a sexual, violent, or any inflammatory nature.

  • Article is too short, (under 200 words) is a repeat of an article we've previously published, is riddled with spelling/grammatical mistakes, or is otherwise deemed inappropriate.

Terms and Conditions:  By submitting your article:

  • You declare that you are the sole author and own 100% of all copyrights pertaining to the article.
    You retain all rights and copyrights to your article.

  • You are giving permission to to publish your article on our websites.

  • In all of these cases, agrees to include your name at the end of your article. No other use is implied or granted. All other rights and copyrights are reserved by the author.

Thank you for submitting your article to Sincerely, Dieter L. - Editor -

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